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Stanford Thai Student Association

Stanford Thai Student Association is a student-run club at Stanford. It is a close-knitted community for both undergraduate and graduate Thai students, as well as for others interested in exploring Thai culture. Its main purposes are to unite the current Thai students at Stanford together, to connect current students and alumni and to represent the Thai culture through series of events on campus. Events include annual ones such as Thai food festival, Thai night, Thai concert, Thai student orientation, as well as informal activities throughout the year, ranging from weekly sport groups to laser tag and origami. Stanford THAIS and Stanford club of Thailand work together on connecting resources at Stanford and those in Thailand.

Thai student orientation

Thai night

Stanford-Cal Soccer Match


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The Stanford-Thai Exchange Program (STEP) was a yearly program run by Stanford Thai Student Association.

(It was founded by a group of dedicated and visionary Thai/Thai-American students at Stanford in 1997. The stated mission of our founders is to extend the inspirational opportunity to study at one of the best universities in the world to students who otherwise might face difficulty in studying abroad. Through all those years, the program has grown to become a strong tradition of the Thai community at Stanford. The structure of the program has been constantly improved in order to better serve the Thai participants. Through a competitive selection process which includes essays and interviews, 5-8 students from various places throughout Thailand are admitted to the program each year. The program is widely recognized among the Stanford community, and is the only exchange program offered to Thai students by colleges in the United States. For more information, on the history of the program: